When I began my journey to become a Physician, I had many options placed before me. The most important question I had to decide was, “what type of physician do I want to be?” I knew right away that I wanted to be one who embodied altruism, practiced servant leadership, and offered more than just medicine. After just a few hours of shadowing an osteopathic physician, I realized that the osteopathic lifestyle was more than simply treating medical diseases, it was about treating the whole person: mind, body, and soul.

Now, it is my goal, as a Physician, to continue to push the osteopathic agenda, which I believe is to be mindful of the complexity of the human body and its inherent capacity to recover by using good clinical judgement, evidence based medicine, and osteopathic manipulation.

Furthermore, I am so thankful I get to do this in SC, where I was born and raised. It’s my honor and privilege to be a part of my home community where I can meet the needs of those who suffer from health disparities and give hope to those who live in a world of darkness and pain.

I believe that by serving on the SCOMS board, I will be given the connections, the resources, and the platform to spread the osteopathic mission: to provide quality healthcare in South Carolina. I believe I am responsible for improving public health by creating a safe environment, reliable advice, effective communication, and high quality medical care. I want SC and the world to know Osteopathic Physicians are more than just doctors treating diseases. We are people caring about people.

Rachel Fenters, D.O.
McLeod Family Medicine Resident, Intern